How a Dietician Can Help You Manage Your Diabetes

28 Aug 2018 05:00

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If you have diabetes chances are you have an health care team that gives you advice on how to handle it what you must eat the exercises you should do and such like. Or at the very least you have your doctor for that. However, although your doctor may stay front and center there are actually other persons who in one way or another may just be as invaluable to you as a doctor. One of these is a dietician. Why is a dietitian important to you in your fight against diabetes? Well there are a number of very good reasons why. But before going into that, first what exactly is a dietitian.

According to the European Federation of the association of Dietitians, a dietitian is a person with a qualification in Nutrition & Dietetics recognised by a national authority. The dietitian applies the science of nutrition to the feeding and education of groups of people and individuals in both health and disease.

There are several reasons why a dietitian is important and can help you manage your diabetes. First, since diet is so key to helping you manage your diabetes, a dietitian can help in this by assisting you devise a meal plan tailored to your needs. In doing this, the dietitian will ask you how active you are and what you like to eat. If need be she/he can also make adjustments to the meal plan if you have taken up or increased the intensity or duration of exercise.

Secondly, the dietitian will teach you the effective technique of carbohydrate counting, why it is important and how to track the amount of carbohydrates in each gram of food. S/he will equally tell you how many carbs is appropriate for you at meal and snack times so as to enable you keep your blood sugar within the target range.

Part of carbohydrate counting entails being able to properly read food ingredient lists and food package labels. A dietician will also teach you how to do this. This will enable you make an informed decision for the healthier food on offer.

Again if dietetyk warszawa hashimoto are Type 2 diabetic, a dietitian can help you in the all-important area of losing weight. Since being overweight is a risk factor for diabetes, losing it actually improves prognosis for recovery or management. Your dietitian can show you how to assess the amount of energy you consume in a day through food as against the amount that you expiate through daily activity.

In addition, the dietitian will tend towards choosing foods for you that will not cause big swings in your blood sugar levels. This is will therefore reduce your chances of becoming either hyperglycemic (having too much sugar in the blood) or hypoglycemic (having too little sugar in the blood).

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